Monday, 5 November 2012

Darkness and light

It's been a rainy and dark autumn, extra rainy and therefor extra dark. Every time the sun comes for a visit iy's a pleasure. I've got really good light in my studio, even when it is dark outside it is bright light inside. Light therapy maybe :)

Shahir Zag


mandarinux said...

I love your photos ando your blog.
Congratulations for your talent!!!


Debie Grace said...

I like the light in your space. It's just enough to brighten up some corners of your studio.

ibb said...

Light is so important...and love your studio, so much space and that light.
Here is also raining...never know when, but rains...

barbara said...

today is the first sunny day in about two weeks here.
I will never get used to Vienna's grey autumn + winter skies.

glad you have good light in your studio!

Kirti said...

I've been reading your blog and loving your work for 7 years Camilla! Thanks for so much inspiration!