Thursday, 8 November 2012


Ernst Kreidolf's illustrations for Der Traumgarten (Switzerland, c. 1912)

I've been meaning to tell you I will not be making any calendar for next year. I've been too busy with other work. My first calendar was made 2004 (2005 calendar), if I count right that is 7 calendars! This is the first year I haven't manage to make one even if it's been close other years too.

For myself I'm dreaming of having Katja Spitzers Pin-up calendar on my wall.


ibb said...

Maybe is a good year not to have a calendar...or to rest.
That one you are dreaming of is quite nice ;)
But maybe i will not have any...word is so strange here...

barbara said...

love the pin up calendar!


Anonymous said...

It's good to change things from time to time in life, I'll keep my calendar preciously...This pin-up calendar looks so funny :-)

Gracia said...

I still have your Morran one from the year previous up on my wall. I've not the heart to take down December's smiling face.

Here's to new adventures and beginnings,
G xo

Priscilla Ahn said...

So sad you won't be making a calendar for 2013! I look forward to every month when I can flip over the page of my 2012 calendar to see your next illustration. :) Thank you for brightening up every first day of the new month for me!!

The pin-up calendar is hilarious!