Thursday, 14 January 2010

Best in show

I went to a big dog show last weekend. It is always a fun to see the match -breed/owner. But that also worries me, who am I with a dog like Morran...

Gone fishing, oh so good, by Caroline Slotte (found through the golden smith)


denitsa said...

haha...i've never seen such a wacky dog show...the wallpapars are lovely...these participants seem to have taken a little piece of their homes there.
lovely pictures! :))))

artycho said...

Love it, all so tacky!

LISEN & STINA said...

hihi, roligt!
har du sett filmen Best in show?
Hundbokstips "Zelda och meningen med att ha hund" av psykologen Åsa Nilsonne. Hemskt intressant! (Hon beskriver att hon blir mer o mer som sin hund.. Hon som alltid haft större hanhundar från Blocket etc, väljer nu att köpa en liten ny tikvalp (kinesisk nakenhund med päls) och hur det påverkar hennes sätt att ens tala med hunden till skillad från tidigare hundar..

I mitt fall stämmer likheten hund/matte ruskigt bra på många vis! :)

marie-louise said...

En kul och konstig värld den där hundvärlden.

ana said...

maybe you and Morran compliment rather than look like each other. I find this shows almost hilarious. There is a pair I caught in a dog show
almost an effortless resemblance :)

Jodi Anderson said...

I have only been to one dog show, ten years ago, and it was such a joy.

Oh, gosh, if dogs resemble their owners? My dog is smart, but also sneaky and naughty. Hrm.

keren said...

For me, Morran is the best in show every day!

la casita de wendy said...

funny pictures! i love dogs and owners *_*

at swim-two-birds said...

funny pictures, it looks so messy and disorganized, cool :)

cerealjoe said...

Ah. Dog shows. Doesn't get better than that!

sara said...

intressant med andra universum som man inte vet nått om, oändliga liksom!

nechepurenka said...


Pella said...

Eftersom Morran ser ut att vara en hund som får ha kul är du säkert en bra matte.

pen said...

Love the wallpapers!
DO people bring their own?!

Kerstin Svendsen said...

det betyder att du ar sot, rolig, gillar att ata (kanske inte samma saker?), har mycket energi?, o ar popular sa klart!

Camilla Engman said...

Lisen, är det en engelsk dokumentär? I så fall har jag sett den... annars inte. Jag får väl köpa den där boken skulle jag tro :)

Ana, great capture!

This is the part of the fair where you can go and talk to the different breeds and their representatives.

Marian said...

Whith a dog like Morran you should be awesome...I've been obsesed with your blog and your work since I discovered it, it's fantastic!!! like Morran...I devinitively love that dog :)

From Spain, Mariana

utredning said...

Yeah, and Morran has a strong spirit.

grasswire said...

The word you were looking for is probably somewhere between "special" and "unique" :)

Sara-Vide said...

Åh vilka roliga bilder, vill se mer!

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