Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Visible and unvisible

It is cold but beautiful. Snow is making the world softer, covers crap and lights the day and the night up. I also like that I can see traces of animals, things that Morran can see with her nose all year around, is now visible for me. But all this is only valid in the wild not in the city where the snow turns into something else, something brown, and the animal traces to something yellow.

Mathias Malling Mortensen's papercuts, found through Meyer Lavigne.


decor8 Holly said...

Is this your husband with Morran? I've always been so curious as to who your husband is and what he looks like. I hope that's okay?

And you are so right, this is exactly what I love about snow, the animal tracks. I saw rat feet and pigeon feet and dog paw prints on Sunday. Today lots of gray slush and pee. Thankfully I live on the edge of a forest so the city and the forest border one another so I can have pee and poop and then cross over a magical line and have bird feet and the tracks from deer. :)

I love morran there in that jacket tucked away. He looks very cozy and cute. May I ask, what breed is he?

ibb said...

Love snow and going out of city. Last time we came across with 3 deers and our dog went behind, and we trying to stop him...
Next time we will carry coffee with us.

Camilla Engman said...

Holly, Morran is a Danish/swedish farmdog (that is actually a breed :) My husband has his own spread in the suitcase book, he doesn't want to appear much.

ibb, you have to bring coffee next time. It is not so easy to be still without a reason = coffee

everyanything said...

that picture with the dog is so so precious.

i have always admired your illustration and blog and can finally follow now that ive started my own :)

take care.


Christiane said...

Snow in the countryside is beautiful, I also like how it makes everything look even and peaceful, but in the city it's just a here in London!

Michael Kline said...

I just took a walk in the snow with my Jack. It's as if I was channeling this very post and shared these very thoughts. I tried to take pictures of the powdery snow with all of its sparkle, but the camera wasn't up for it.

Luise said...

so funny, I do the same thing, see:


Diana Sudyka said...

I love your observations and sentiments of snow within the city and outside of the it. I was walking my dog today in a park. There were animal tracks everywhere in the clean white snow, but once we walked back to the sidewalk and street the snow was "something else". I love how when it first falls, it covers some of the urban ugliness, but unfortunately it doesn't last. Stay warm, Morran!

Maggie said...

What beautiful pictures and poetic writings--I loved what you said about the snow making Morran's discoveries more visible to you. This makes me so jealous for your snowy weather, I think my home in Seattle just might go a whole winter without any this year!

a. said...

out there is beautiful

nina said...

i love these images, wish I was there!!

Sigrid said...

Morran ~ too cute as always.
I hope she is feeling better.
Just keep loving your blog, it is curiously captivating and simply beautiful.

Lizzy said...

This post, as are all your others, is beautiful. I've been a long time lurker (someone who visits your site all the time but never musters up the courage to comment) but I've just received the Suitcase book and I have to say: it is wonderful! Truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing your craft with the world.
p.s- Morran is possible the most charming dog I've ever seen. How do you pronounce her name and does it mean anything?

lisa s said...

oh camilla... only you can make pee seem romantic in the snow.

hugs to you and morran in the snow. play in it for me

nechepurenka said...

Very poetic post)) very sincere!

Jamie Watson said...

These photos made me feel happy and refreshed. I think they also made me want to go to the snow soon.

mette / ungt blod said...

I was just thinking that the other day: how the snow makes everything that Rufus normally can sees with his nose visible! its so cool!
+ jeg har altid tænkt på om Morrans race mon også hed dansk/svensk gårdhund i sverige -eller måske svensk/dansk. thanks for clearing that up :)

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