Friday, 15 January 2010


Morran didn't attend the dog show, she was out running in the snow. She doesn't like to show off she says ( right ;).

I like Hanna Hedman's jewellery, and now I will get the opportunity to see it in person since she has a show at Galleri Hnoss here in Gothenburg, starting tomorrow.


Phirefly said...

Moran's sweater is lovely. I think my hound would love one.

Breezy said...

yes yes, the sweater is so nice. did you knit it yourself?

Sarah said...

Look at the snow....and that cute little sweater!

sonia pulido said...


nechepurenka said...

My husband allways says that Zaychik sad that or that :))))

Brit said...

Morran is such a cutie, the sweater is adorable!

k.o'brien jewelry said...

thanks for sharing the jewelry, i love it!

Zita said...


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Lisen said...

Det är en fejkad dokumentär, mkt rolig!! "Hundfolk" när de är som värst!

Söt jumper, Morran!

Noonton and Cocobean said...

I must get my Doggy a jumper like this for the cold very cute indeed.


la casita said...

The Call of the Wild!

elisvermeulen said...

What a brilliant photo.

Anonymous said...

you have the best blog ever!

emma said...

bättre att ha sin egen show i polotröja i snön. haha va GULLI!!!

Koey said...

Morran is so energetic and the sweater really match her!
(I can see her footprints on the snow. They're so tiny.)

utredning said...

This is Mårran!
Like her spirit. It is so strong, så it goes through the pictures. Wish you two the best.

Alex Sumker said...

Morran said "I'll be back!"

rsyed said...

i really liek teh quality of light in this photo. very pretty!

sophia malik said...

seeing morran so happy really makes my day...i love her sweater!

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Deborah said...

Hi Camilla,
Wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and love your country. I was in Goteborg for a Van Morrison concert and found your city fascinating. Also love your post of Morran in the snow. --- a fellow dog lover!