Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Meeting in Gothenburg

Today Elisabeth, Sandra and I met Lena and Josh at a cafe in Gothenburg. It's so nice to acctually meet people live, people that you somehow have a connection to through the web, reading their blogs and liking their things (and dogs). I've met a few people and the funny thing is that they have all been like I expected, they have been as their blogs. Lena no exception, she was just as nice and lovely as I expected. They are continuing their scandinavia tour up to Stockholm where they will meet Karin and Emma I think. I bet it will not be half as nice as the short but sweet time they spent with us ;)

We have finally started with the last part of our kitchen, the mosaic. It will be sooo nice.

I posted about Valerio Vidali today at the Illustration Friday Blog.


sandra said...

Lika snabb som du är på att glufsa kaka är jag på att fly undan fotfotografering ;) Hoppas ni fick en trevlig fortsättning TROTS att jag inte var med. Hehe.

Lotte said...

You are blue converse...Lena green...Trying Elisabeth with the black ones (because Sandras feet was gone) and Josh dark blue...?
Can imagine it must be very nice to meet people behind the blogs
AND ... 2 more of the great plates :D...today ive seen 4 of them...here and there...hihi
NICE link..
Question, Camilla...where DO you find all the good links...tell me, I wont tell anyone...;D:)
Kitchen looking good...grey mosaic ?
Sorry I wrote so much:(

Abigail said...

lucky, lucky, lucky. you get all the fun [and great shoes!] ;)

i hope Morran will let me pet her one day....but maybe I will have to practise my ambivalence first, just to trick her? ;))


valerio vidali said...

ciao camilla

thanks for the link!

sulu-design said...

I wish I could be a fly on the wall at one of these meet ups - all of my favorite bloggers in one space - lovely!

look said...

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