Monday, 3 September 2007

Monday, monday

"Who's your lover II" is going on a trip to Heidelberg, Germany. I'm participating in a group show at Galerie Bourgeois Pig. I'm not sure but I think there will be some internet friends that will also participate. I'll let you know later.

A foot shot for Shash's week of feets.

Small magazine issue no 3 is here.
Fun things from Vik Prjonsdottir, link found at Spagat.


lisa s said...

love the piece [together w/ the foot shot!!!]

limonete said...

WOW. fantastic!

Patricia said...

Hi Camilla, i just want to say hello and...good monday!! I love your work..
With a little piece of paper from Uruguay, nice to meet you!

ana ventura said...

me and you at the same exhibition, nice :)

sandra said...

wow vilket vackert golv! låter som en fin utställning! ses imorrn.

ariel said...

Your paintings are incredible camilla! your art is really special.

from the distance,

pHilip said...

Hi Camilla
è tutto bellissimo!

Compliments for your work
all is perfect.

Avel Angelica said...

Hi Camilla

This is more of a question, not really a comment but I was just wondering what sort of process you go through when deciding what to show at an exhibit? Hope you accept questions too:-)

PAR3RG0N said...

dear camilla! I'm so sorry / I thought you already knew about the new blog :(
you will be the welcome one! /
many kisses to the sweetest morran and my best compliments for your always surprising works / P

shash said...

hejsan pa digsan. super fin fot foto. (which is to be expected!)

Anonymous said...

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