Sunday, 29 September 2019

Hönsestrik a lovestory

Björn Hellström and I have in joint effort (ENGMAN HELLSTRÖM) taken photos for Anna Bauer's new book about knitting - "Hönsestrik a lovestory".

"Hønsestrik - a Danish knitting style from the 70’s, which literally translates into “Chicken Knit”. Hønsestrik is done with bright colours on a double pointed needle, so no purling is needed. The technique seems to have found inspiration in fair isle patterns, but with the Hønsestrik patterns resembling every day objects, animals and people to a greater extent. But besides the very bright colours and naive patterns (which I think look adorable on kids, maybe not so much on grown men with beards…) Hønsestrik is really all about making a political statement and challenging the norms of society at the time." - Knitted Cakes

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