Friday, 15 November 2013

The first encounter

Two friends and their first encounter.



Bibbi said...


kasia said...

first photo is great. three bats hanging upside down.
i saw japanese clay cousins of your sculptures at art basel a year ago. i'll try to find their photo and post it somewhere. i think they will like each other.

paula lindblom said...

Lovely and cute, curios about the place you will put it in.

Keep up the good work!!!


kavka said...

Gorgeous! I love your art so much. Following many different ways of your artistic expression, all of them are great. Respect ♥

Big hugs!

Janey G said...

i am fascinated to see your process, its just wonderful and i adore your imagery! also wanted to let you know your wonderful creative soul features in my ART STOPPING SUNDAY post this week. thank you so much and have a wonderful Sunday xxx

Home Sale Home said...

wowww !!!
so cute...
nice job/art has always :)