Monday, 11 March 2013

My diamond ring

My favorite ring from Klara Eriksson! I also have to say that I love her "dish water stopper" (don't know the name in english) in silver.

Chiara Torelli writes about her experience from an Ace Camp workshop with me in Gothenburg, on the Topipittori blog. Unfortunately only in italian.


Christina Lowry said...

A dishwater stopper in English is a plug. :)

Beautiful ring.

Thomas Campi said...

That's a nice ring.
Love your art,especially the paintings i've seen on your website, great stuff

janet clare said...

you're right the 'plug' is beautiful and plug is far too ugly a word for it.

beth said...

Wow, love it. Love the facets.

karen said...

yes.....plug.....a funny word when you see it written. (or typed)