Saturday, 23 March 2013

Children books

Klara Persson and I got photographed in my studio in the beginning of the week for an article about children book illustration and art. Here is Klara's latest book "Maximilian och minimilian". She is going to Bologna for the Children book fair and so am I. I'll be a part of the exhibition "Upside down - Contemporary Voices of Swedish Illustration", it will be at the Museo Civico Archeologico di Bologna, Via dell’Archiginnasio 2 , Bologna. Opening: 25 March, 7 p.m. 26 March-14 April. Eva Lindström, Emma Adbåge, Karin Cyrén, Joanna Hellgren, Maria Libert, Emelie Östergren e Moa Schulman. Organized by Hamelin.
I'll be signing my latest italian book "C'era una volta una storia"/"Once upon a time there was a story", from Topipittori, in their stand at the fair at 5 o'clock on monday. Ana Ventura will be there too!


Signe Kjær Pedersen said...

Dear Camilla,

I always wanted to go to Bologna for the Book fair. Hope you will enjoy. The coves of the italian b ook looks beautifull. I´m a danish illustrater, living in a small cabin just outside Copenhagen. Nice to follow you here.
All the Best

pets said...

A good thing about book fair is that childhood moments will be remembered. From the start you will always be amazed on how authors do their books.

barbara said...

I want to see your photo as well! ;)

Studio Fludd said...

You are so brilliant girls! Love Sweden style. Congrats. Your work in Bologna looked good. Ciao ciao. SF