Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Playing with dolls

Still playing and having a great time with Per Agélii.


barbara said...

you could make an animated film!?

naomi said...

What about setting up a panorama and doing a painted background and then photographing it? The flat/3 demential qualities would be so interesting.

You could even do a stop-motion flip book of pictures. Eerie and open ended?

Love your work and the freedom with materials. You are so inspiring to me in my own work which is completely different (I am a potter).

Thank you for documenting and sharing what you are doing.

Camilla Engman said...

Hello Naomi and Barbara,
I'd love to do a stopmotion. But it is to much technology involved for my liking, but who knows where we end up. It is a lot of fun :)

Hanne said...

Wonderful! And very inspiring. 3D-things does so much for the experience. It's a whole different thing than seeing it on paper.
(oh god, my English sucks, sorry)

I'm in love with what you do! And you are very welcome to visit my blog :)