Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Maria Magnusson is making the preparations for showing a film, in the inner room of my studio, on saturday (the film will also be shown in the gallery).
Ulla Mogren and Berit Jonsvik is unpacking and hanging art from 130 artists (!) that will be shown in the Galleri Konstepidemin. 65 artists from Konstepidemin with one guest artist each :) I'm really looking forward to see it all!

Today it is raining.


ana ventura said...

Send to you some drops of sun!!
Enjoy your studio!

barbara said...

I wish I could come and see it all!

ibb said...

Here is grey too...but not rain yet.
Hope everything will go ok. Enjoy a lot having so many people around!

Gracia said...

Setting up... how I love it. How I miss it.

It looks great, and I am enjoying catching up on these posts of yours.

Happy autumn days to you,
g xo