Wednesday, 13 June 2012

BBQ at Konstepidemin

Laurie Rosenwald is working and living in one of the guest studios at Konstepidemin. She likes it so much here that she comes every year and stays from May to October :) Last evening Laurie and Michelle Collins had a party outside her studio (my studio is nice... but the studios with a garden or patio in one of these old wooden buildings... wow). There are more than 100 artist at Konstepidemin.


Jane Cabrera said...

How I dream of having a studio in a place just like this! How wonderful. x

Mendruga said...

Oh Yeah! Fantastic party and fantastic studio, I m sure.

barbara said...

wow, I want to live (and work) there, too!

so nice that you can work in a place like this, Camilla!

Nacho Uve said...

Beautiful your blog, love it! photos, beauty, simply wonderful ... ;)


Camilla Engman said...

Yes, I'm lucky and happy!
Thanks Nacho Uve! Likewise.

louise said...

Looks like a great community. xolj