Wednesday 2 May 2012

the Botanical Garden of Valencia

To have your workplace in a botanical garden, I could easily get used to it.
It was almost perfect but one thing could have been better - instead of a lots of cats there could have been lots of dogs.

"I plant a kiss on my grandad's wrinkled cheek,
a cheek like a ploughed field and rain.
We pick up poppy buds and we open them side by side,
guessing what colours April might hide."
Gemma Martí O'Toole


barbara said...

very nice!

Mi Dulce Magdalena said...

Are you in Valencia? It's great! I live in Gandia, near Valencia. I hope you are pass a great time here :)

melanie said...

you're a lucky girl :)
Valencia is such a beautiful place.

Jennifer said...

love love love this. Beautiful drawing. You are so lucky to live in Europe!

Hug said...

sounds like an amazing opprotunity
I would love to see more pics from this exhibition...