Friday, 4 January 2008

Oh sunny day

The sunny days are rare this time of the year, and when it is a sunny day you can't resist beeing a little bit more happy :) This is Morrans food containter.

Answers on common questions:
- I've got many questions about one of my plants, now the mystery is solved :) It's a Buddha Belly plant - Jatropha podagrica. Flaskfot på svenska.
- The lamp is designed by David Trubridge.
- Morran is a she, 9 years old, Danish/swedish Farmdog.
- The camera I use is a Ricoh Caplio GX100.


sandra said...

bäst jag skriver här då så att det blir ännu värre! :)

elizabeth@shoptwig said...

I hope you enjoyed your sunny day! A nice way to end the week. : )

Uncle Beefy said...

Camilla, okay, okay. Providing the link to Morran's flickr set was clearly your way of trying to sell her to me. Well, it worked. I just need to know how much express shipping will be and if we can include the food pail in the deal?

Looking forward to her arrival ;)

She is SOOOOOOO cute! (Love the orange beret pic!)

andrea tachezy said...

Camilla, thank you for the name of your plant. I was waiting for it :-)

mati rose said...

oh, i have one of irene's kid's books and i love her site! thanks!
enjoy the sun lady!

coffeechris said...

Loved the pictures of Morran. We have a Jack Russell terrier named Rosie - she reminds me her...they have many of the same expressions. I love her clone toy and want to make one for Rosie, from your inspiration. Although she can be a bit of distructo...she is 8 and everyone asks if she is puppy. High energy...strong sleeper and our delight. Where did you get the food container? That is so cute, not as cute as Morran though.

design for mankind. said...

Awww, I want a Morran so badly! Instead, I have a Bernard and a George that pee incessantly on my expensive footwear.

Ahhh, be with me, 2008.

hrsj said...

love the food container

Anonymous said...

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