Thursday 27 December 2007

The lady in the woods


Anonymous said...

My head is spinning with fairy tales after seeing her. Brilliant as always!

Anonymous said...

Hi Camilla,

Just wanted to say how thrilled I was to receive your beautiful calendar as a gift for Christmas (the second one arrived in Manchester safely!) - it will have pride of place!

God Jul och Gott Nytt Ar!

Sandra Monat said...

I love your work. there´s "always" a kind of mystery and secret in it that makes it so interesting.

Anonymous said...

Fint som snus!

mansuetude said...


when skies are grey said...

I love (extra much :)) these pictures...they are my favorite combination of muted colors with a deep, visceral red. I love that the viewer is left to decide what kind of
creepy happenings created this scene.
I like it.

Alexandra Hedberg said...

det är ett av screentrycken du gjorde med mig, eller hur? Fint att du "fortsätter" på den. Måste säga att jag avundas dig dina fina skissböcker jag såg på ett annat inlägg - jag bara skissar på lösa papper som sen flyger runt överallt.... Kanske något att tänka på inför det nya året (alltså för mig - inte dig;))

mansuetude said...

dear lady:

you reminded me of someone, so many things.... i think you have come "through the woods" into a bright wear the dark coat of fears no longer potent with shadows...the forest is now a feathered way;
breathy. I think the house behind you carries all the moist kept whispers of family and memory. Its path could seem like an {umbilical} "plugging you into" the chorded heart life+loves+energy entanglements of home. You lady have come through into a white, clean freedom, so even the snow seems to huddle around your feet. It is said often ~only women bleed~ but we all do don't we, sometimes? ...yet, what you release, the warm reds of the inner thing that gives lifelifelife, it somehow yes... turns to rubies at your feet.