Thursday 29 November 2007

Super duper man is coming for a visit

Cara Barer a photographer that likes paper. Rosalie Gascoigne makes different collages. Both links found at the Lumper. I also very much liked this link to Tim Hussey.

Here's my collage that you saw a glimpse from in another post, another day.


Anonymous said...

He's much like the other woman from yesterday, with elements of "tree" suggestive in his body. He is like a walking forest and his heart a chest of mystery--maybe honeycomb. The super duper man name takes away his mystery--adds another dimension...

Lots of suggestive elements.

sapatinhos de verniz said...

Love your work!!

shari said...

oh camilla. this is just fantastic. i love it! glad to hear you enjoyed the pear bread too. i need to make some this weekend. xo

Marina Haller said...

I love your dog. He inspire me.
Your job is lovely.

bugheart said...

i just
love the
super duper man.
he's welcome
in my

Lylou said...

i hope you don't mind, but i posted on this yesterday. let me know and if you don't want it up and i can take down.