Monday, 30 July 2007


Blueberries have lovely colour and so does blueberry stain. Even Morran ate some from the low bushes.

Woolloomooloo has been to my show at Junc in LA, she's even made a gallery set. The show runs to 20th of august.

En artikel om Etsy. Two Etsy links - a print and a paper doll.


littlegreen said...

okay, yum!


mmm, blueberries! i love swedish grace - it makes me feel nostalgic even though i can`t recall mum/grandma/any relative having those plates.

de-lurking - been reading your blog for a while...

Caterine said...

just talked with a friend who came back from gothenburg. she was enchanted by the city.
your etsy links are fantastic! i don't know if you already had a look at caroline gaedechens website (first link) i love her work. thank you for sharing allthese beauties.

POPLIFE said...

so many wonderful paintings & works! when will you make an exhibition here in italy? why don't we try to arrange it?

sandra said...

åh blåbär! mmm. lyxfrukost!

i've tagged you in my blog, feel free to join me if you want :)

Juli said...

Camilla, you are a gem! I absolutely love the images of your blueberry stained hand and the delicious looking bowl of cereal. You are a woman after my own heart!

Have a lovely day, and a kiss/hug to Morran from her biggest U.S. fan.

aka: Christian Jensen, Artist in Residence

look said...

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