Thursday 31 May 2007


Paper on paper collages. It's so much fun to make them.


par3rg0n said...

these works are neat, so clean and simple / like the theme of collections of objects since long, and I'm interested in the idea you're exploring it /
there are interesting words about written by jean baudrillard, in a book titled "the system of objects"/
some info

[hope the link works] /

Camilla Engman said...

Thanks for the link.
I'm not sure who you are, if the right person POPped up in my mind?

Sidsel_._ said...

welcome to Blogger Camilla :)
Lovely collages and great that you have bigger photo´s on your new blog.

Anonymous said...

have been a fan of your art and your blog for a while now and am looking forward to the new one... love the new banner illustrations and also these paper collages. keep up the good work you clever person!

par3rg0n said...

yes dear camilla / :)
I'm the POP person you're thinking about! /
many compliments and kisses from italia / P

anne-sophie adelys said...

love your work camilla. enjoyed your old blog and looking forward to discover the new one.
really like this new work, minimalist and meaningful.
i thought you would be interested by this new zealand artist: Richard Killeen

Camilla Engman said...

Thank you!

Anne-Sophie, thanks for the link. Interesting to see something similar, and how his work has changed over the years.

shari said...

so so wonderful camilla!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous gorgeous.

Sabine said...

Very soothing to look at!

Anonymous said...

Fint! Tomas blir inspirerad :)

computerarte said...

Love this collections! Great work.M.