Monday, 19 June 2017

Second thoughts / trying to un-friend a crow


Outside my studio I can see animals. Mostly different kinds of birds, even rare ones, but also squirrels, hares and sometime even two foxes if I stay late. I started to throw pieces of my sandwich to the crows that hangs there. Very quickly they became less scared and it felt like they even waited for me to arrive in the mornings. So far so good.

After a while they started to demand food and their presence felt more like two vultures sitting outside waiting for me ;-) You know the sound of crows, it's not always a pleasant sound, one of them can sit for hours right outside my studio and do the worst sound. That's irritating enough, right. I stopped feeding them, also because my studio neighbors were complaining a bit about all the noice...


This is what meets me now every morning!
They tear apart my tiny garden! Nature huh! It makes me crayzy and angry, I have to clean up every morning and try to save some of the plants. Somehow I also like it, nature don't care and I can definitely not control it. I read that a crow can be 30 years old, so they have many years to get wise and to learn things... good and bad.



Mlle Paradis said...

They are supposed to be extremely intelligent birds. And yes - in 30 years - WOW! Good luck "retraining" them!

Gitta said...

We are feeding our crows too. And now they are quite demanding as well, not destructive yet, though. Nice little garden you have there.

Hazel Terry said...

Oh Camilla! They are very intelligent and have long memories, I would make friends again :-) X