Tuesday, 13 October 2015


I've lived here for almost two years now! I can't believe it but I know it's true. Life is starting to feel... well, normal I guess. As alway I hope I'll get more organized and have more time for - everything. Some day I'll show you more pictures from my home.

Is there someone out there that still have time to leave comments and has any inspirational tips, on blogs or other sites? I feel a bit lost :-)



gunter said...

Remodelista and Apartment Therapy are my go-to sites for home ideas.
The Kitchn is a good source for food inspiration.
Lately instagram has been my choice for pretty things to admire and travel dreams.

emmel-prutsemieke said...

I recently discovered this one: http://www.unduetre-ilaria.com

Inge said...

Dear Camilla,
I've enjoyed your blog for so many years and have always been too shy to comment, but this would seem the perfect moment to let you know how much I enjoy your work, your pictures from daily life.
As for inspiration, I personally get a great deal of inspiration from the New York Public Library podcasts http://www.nypl.org/voices/blogs/blog-channels/podcast : all these wonderful writers and artists and thinkers in conversation with each other.
Thank you so much for everything you share! Wishing you all things wonderful and inspiring :-)

Anonymous said...
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Deepa said...

I am here.

Recently came across The Black Dog Project. Check it out!

I've followed your work for many years now. Thanks you for sharing it with all of us.

Deborah said...

For graphics inspiration, I love this site:

Hope you enjoy the week ahead, Camilla.

Best, Deborah

teresa leonor said...

loved the pictures! want to see more!

see if this is somehow interesting to you: http://www.readingmytealeaves.com/category/life-in-a-tiny-apartment


beth said...

Here is my go to for the path not taken, plus I love Sarah's writing, so is funny and deep, creative. If I had a flower farm, I would want it to feel like hers...

beth said...

Sorry, here is the link and her flower farm site

Jenny said...

Thank you for having such a great home.

Cécile Hudrisier said...

Hi Camilla,
I'm here too ! and I'm following your blog from my little "atelier" in south of France since... mmm... many years ! my english is so bad that I have always been too shy to leave a comment...but I'd like to thank you for your work. It is full of energizing creativity, little tresures and beautiful/weird/quiet/yummy/soothing things.
Thank you !

another beautiful and inspiring blog :
"the jealous curator"