Wednesday, 17 December 2014

My contribution to the latest issue of Idle


Home has been on my agenda lately. I've been kind of lost, floating in space without a home in the way I was used to.
I've left the person and the apartment that I called home. This made me "homeless". That was hard but it also gave me a strange feeling of freedom. I could live where ever I chose.

I think home is a space not a place - a space where no one should enter without your permission. A space where you could feel relatively secure. Maybe it can be an object, but in that case the object makes a space, in your mind, a space where you feel at ease.
Home means a lot to me, it has always done, but maybe in a different way now. I am my home. All I really need could fit in a suitcase or two.
At the moment I am working on "Memoire no 1", right now this is my home."

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karin said...

so fabulous

Deborah said...

I love your "home" and your sentiments.

All the very best to you for a festive holiday and a rewarding new year.

Emma said...

Så fint skrivet och vilket briljant bygge! Tycker så mycket om ditt bildspråk!

Mlle Paradis said...

oh my! i just love your work. so haunting and poetic and imaginative in all the best - and scariest - ways.

hope it's a good holiday!

Rosa Martin said...

beautiful work and beautiful words, home is wherever your heart is :)

Mrs Bertimus said...

Absolutely, you are so right.
Beautiful work and beautiful words x

Patrice A. said...

beautiful image
beautiful words
which also made me
a little sad....
if i understand it right
well, nevertheless
i wish you fine days and
an even better year!!!!
Patrice A.

Kim said...

I understand. Thank you for your words.