Monday, 15 October 2012


The mornings are getting cold and crispy, it's nice. But I miss the sun already - more sun, more sun! Here I'm, last week, laying in my studio sofa getting sun in my eyes - how lovely isn't that. Today has been a grey day.

Vintage inspired string holder tutorial over at Handmade Charlotte, made by Eva Mon­león (also known as misako mimoko)


Line Katrin said...

Yes, I don't want the sun to leave. I had a pink day today. We mostly have grey ones because it rains a lot here. You can see pink photos on my blog. Hope you'll have more sunny days. Take care!

Ariane Reichardt said...

Pretty play of light!
Less light... I dread it.
I've captured some spots of sun in the wood, but I'll keep my eyes open in Hamburg now.
x Ariane.

website design said...

the place is awesome!

Debie Grace said...

Very calming! :)