Tuesday, 13 March 2012

... and the winner is ...

There was never a dull moment in the life of Scarlet Scales. Her morning horse rides were filled with encounters of all sorts. The day she met a wild rabbit waving a lasso just about to catch a bird was memorable. He said if you continue towards three white mountain tops you are sure to find the circus tent. No one has ever came out victorious making the Indian elephant crack a smile.


Whoever is clever enough to succeed such a challenge will allow Mishap Cat who accidentally swallowed the elephant's smile a long time ago to leave the cage for once and for all and be forgiven for the incident. When Scarlet Scales asked to make the elephant smile all cat (the first prize winner mind you, of what, that is top secret) and dogs and human confused gathered around to watch it happen. Scarlet let go the longest and convincing sigh and fell to the ground. An impressionable stunt. Enough to make the elephant fall back on his rump and make his mouth curl just so lightly it counted as a smile!


Mishap Cat, the wild rabbit and the monkeyly human left while they could. Scarlet exhausted of the fantastic feat rest in arms and fast asleep of an unwakeable sleep. She took in too much of the high altitude mountain air in her littlest lungs. Though now we are stuck with an added problem : to awaken Scarlet Scales is a challenge and task yet no one has figured out!

Isabelle from Montréal

Thank you so very much for your fun and lovely stories!
I had a hard time choosing one, I couldn't really but I did :)
All of you that wrote a story - please e-mail me your address and I'll send you a little something :)

Isabelle, could you please e-mail me and tell me what you would like from the Studio Morran shop!
Thank you and congratulations.

camilla (at) camillaengman (dot) com


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Isabelle! Lovely story :)
All stories were funny!Hard time choosing Camilla

* HOPSCOTCH * ~ Charlyn said...

Bravo, Isabelle!
Fantastic storytelling!

*clap* *clap* *clap*

Anonymous said...

Thank you to Camilla to have rendered such inspiring illustrations. I had fun writing it.

Thank you Charlyn, K_line

Isabelle from Montréal

la casita said...

Congrats Isabelle, it's much fun reading it! Hope to see how is going to end, will Scarlet ever wakes up? and who will make that happen?

Rendell said...

Brava! I loved the story.

Dear Demoiselle said...

Isabelle, I love your story! I'm thinking the same as la casita now - whatever happened to Scarlet afterwards?
Camilla, inviting readers to tell stories about your art is such a great idea. Your art is very inviting for story-telling!

Ritva said...

well done!
both isabelle and camilla :)

enannanhelena said...

Ångrar mig fortfarande att jag inte försökte skriva ihop någonting, för dina bilder är så inspirerande! Men jag ångrar mig ändå inte lika mycket nu - när jag har sett vinnarbidraget... jag hade inte haft en chans!

Jag älskar fantasins obegränsningar! Din - Camilla, såklart, men dina läsares också!


Ana said...

Beautiful story. Loved the monkeyly human character! ;)

Mirabel said...

teehee wonderful tale!

serra said...

great words! amazing illustrations!!!

Jony juegos de vestir said...

It is tender and beautiful drawing, I love the kitty haha..

Aitch said...

What a beautiful pairing of story and illustrations, you two should make books for sure! Love your work.

Allie - juegos gratis said...

I like the illustrations are very beautiful and tender ... thanks