Thursday, 15 December 2011

Open studios

It is the best thing, to snoop around in other artists studios! Konstepidemin has this Christmas tradition, for one day you can visit some of the artists studios and buy art directly from the artist, eat gingerbread and drink glögg.

Helene Dahlman
Eva Dahlin
Roland Borén

My Christmas wish list over at Poppytalk.


barbara said...

I love open studio days!

are those real animal heads in the jam glasses? *_*

Annton Beate Schmidt said...

exactly what I do here too. it is amazing to directly get in contact with ppl looking at your art and having the time for a hot cup. I am in love with the golden ladder, btw.!

ElleSee said...

You had another post that had the word "glogg" in it, and because it was about the Moon, I assumed that "glogg" meant Moon. But, now you are drinking "glogg", and I highly doubt that means you are drinking the Moon. So now I am wondering: "what does "glogg" mean?"

Camilla Engman said...

Oh, drinking the moon would be nice. Glögg is the swedish variant of mulled wine.

Barbara they are real..

noreen said...

hello camilla,

i love your blog, and nominated you for the versatile blogging award. it's a way to recognize wonderful bloggers. details are on my site.

joy and hooray for you!

Julia said...

Indeed, being able to visit other studios is such a productive experience like learning from your fellow artists.

Anne Nowak said...

Wauuu love the animals in jars...Thanks for great inspiration. All the best Anne Nowak