Friday, 9 December 2011

Bigcartel shop

I've had these postcards for a while, just couldn't find the time and energy to put them in my shop. But I made it easier for myself by starting a shop at Bigcartel, please pay it a visit :) The top postcards is from my collaboration with Ana Ventura.

And remember to order sooooooon if you want to make sure to get it before Christmas!

To buy the Morran Book Project you have to go to Blurb.


barbara said...

nice nails! ;)

I will buy the oarswoman as it is my favorite painting ever.

Tuin 21 said...

Great shop, Congrats and good luck !

Camilla Engman said...

Yes I know... Next time I'll have some manicure, I promise :)

barbara said...

no please, it's quite sexy, looks like your thumb has a big moustache!


Katja said...

what a great idea, tiny moustaches on nails! Maybe as sticker? I would buy it!

theothergirl said...

I love the muted colour tones you used for these postcards.

Check out my old-fashioned Christmas card design on my blog:

biaMelo said...

your work is beautiful! congratulations!

know my work!