Monday, 3 October 2011

More books

A few more books. Apan och jag - Eva Lindström, you got to love her books!
Fannys fantastiska resa - Charlotte Gastaut.

A little late I know, but I would like to congratulate Lena Sjöberg for the awarded price, Elsa Beskow plaketten! It was for this book - Tänk om...

(I'm sorry I'm a little bit slow about the Morran book, but I have a cold and am very slow, mostly watching tv)


barbara said...


big hug from vienna,

Annton Beate Schmidt said...

Just out of this cold business, I know how it feels. Take your time and get well soon!

ktl said...

in french, Fanny's name is "prudence".
i LOVE this book !

Anonymous said...

Eva Lindströms "Limpan är sugen" läses mycket här men enligt mig är hennes bästa är " Vid bergets långa fot". Nu måste jag köpa apan och jag!

"Tänk om" är fantastisk.

Jag vill tipsa om "Räven i den kolsvarta natten" av Alison Green & Deborah Allwright.

Ser frm emot Morranboken! / Ramflickan

Kristy | Wedding Roses Co said...

Fanny Fantiska is greaaaat!

charlotte gastaut said...

If you could only know how I'm proud to be on your blog.
I love your work so much.
It's an honor to know that you appreciate mine.
Thank you.
Hope to meet you one day in Sweden or in France.

Camilla Engman said...

Likewise Charlotte! I hope so too :)

Sydney said...

lovely illustration :D

Dorja said...

The second one is just beautiful.