Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I had a nice and nosy visitor the other evening. We were mostly talking about other things, like how to react when someone grabs your ass or the likelihood that any of us would resort to violence, but a little bit about the public commission I'm working on right now (the last part).

Tristesse Engraved, august issue - railway posters and works by Natalia Borissova and myself Camilla Engman.


Charlyn W said...

I love it already!

barbara said...

hahaha - so how would you react?
I got my ass grabbed once in a very full metro in mexico city. all I could was laugh and jump a little.
if this would happen in Vienna, I probably would get very angry and start shouting.
but in mexico me + my ass were on vacation and so we were very relaxed...

We Blog Artists said...

It's looking great...can't wait to see how the finished piece will be. Please show us! :-)
I'm not an Arse pincher...but have many friends who are butt obsessed...and pinch a lot!
hmmm...I don't quite see the reason?


beatrice said...

love the bags

miu mirambell said...


Rob Dunlavey said...

- Green shapes look like Arp :-))
- Your spreads in tristesse engraved are fabulous. Love the studio views too.
- Alas! I've never been pinched or grabbed …except by a friend ;•)