Sunday, 3 April 2011

I'm back from Bologna

I'm back from the lovely city of Bologna. I had a wonderful time!!
I've met so many people and all of them nice :) If you were one of them - please make a comment or e-mail me, I sort of lost track of people after a while (sorry about that).


céline said...

What a wonderul pictures, I would like to visit that city one time as well. And I love the last picture with the drawing!

Nekocherry said...

Hi Camilla, we met at Ana's exhibition, tuesday, I was with my friend Mina from Germany. :)
Your exhibition in Hamelin was incredible, i really enjoyed it! Thank you very much because see your artwork and Ana's artwork live have been so inspiring for me!
Have a lovely evening.


Alexandra Hedberg said...

välkommen hem!

härligt att höra att du haft det underbart!

louise said...

Glad you had a wonderful time. xolj

serra said...

hey it was great to meet you!!!! :)
I am still a bit dissapointed that Morran didn't come...
I hope we will meet another year in Bologna!!
un abrazo, adolfo

Natascha Rosenberg said...

I hope you had a good trip back. I will post some pictures of your show tomorrow. It was very nice to meet you both, lovely ladies. :)

serena said...

i saw you at the interview at caffè degli illustratori.
think like you, keep a blog helps you see the beautiful things that happen...
many compliments

Camilla Engman said...

Ciao Aurora, Adolfo, Natascha and Serena!
Adolfo - I will try to post a new little Morran film for you :)
Natascha - fun to see your pictures from bologna.
It was very nice to meet you, I hope we will meet again.

Barbara Ismailovic said...

beautiful bologna!love italy, anyway. I'm glad you had wonderful time, wish I could see that exhibition.

Cristiana C. said...

Camilla, it was so nice meeting you and Ana at the exhibition in Bologna, I was really thrilled. The exhibit was really stunning, your being in tune with Ana is incredible. Thank you!