Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Welcome to Karlskrona Konsthall!

Camilla Engman
"Att lyfta en trillad"
4/12 - 9/1 2011
Karlskrona konsthall

Vernissage lördagen den 4e december kl 13:00-17:00

Karlskrona konsthall
Borgmästareg.17, tel.0455-30 34 22,, öppettider: tis-sön 12:00-17:00, ons 12:00-19:00

Kom, kom, kom och sprid, sprid, sprid.
Jag känner nästan ingen i Karlskrona och vill inte stå där alldeles ensam ;)


barbara said...

what a very cool painting!
I wish I could see the rest!

Kristen Donegan said...

This looks like a very powerful show for you! I'm with Barbara on the rest :)

Karin Söderquist said...

Vilken underbar målning! Önskar verkligen jag kunde komma och titta på utställningen!

Line Katrin Moe said...

Du er så flink!! Maleria dine er så fantastisk flotte! Når eg blir litt meir rik så vil eg kjøpe ett:). Eg får kalenderen din i julegåve i årog får glede meg fyrst over bileta dine der. Lykke til med utstillinga:)

Natascha Rosenberg said...

I wish you the best for this new show!!

Gitta said...

Once, there was a tiger. He picked up all the
lonely people.
They did not know they were lonely.
They thought
they were simply unalone. But once
they sat on the tiger, they knew.
was given, though, intensely,
by the tiger, which once was.

nina corvallo said...

Fantastic painting!

Julia said...

Jag kommer! Jag bor runt hörnet. :)

Unknown said...

I will love to..but it is a bit far for a daytrip.
Enjoy a lot!

louise said...

I like this on a lot, Camilla. He is a mighty fine tiger. xo lj

Unknown said...

Dear Camilla, as mentioned yesterday I put a link from my blog to yours about your phantastic Suitcases Series, which I really love! I especially loved the idea of having only time for breakfast by the age of 80! Hilarious and so true.
And I'm extremley happy to won your calender, not for the "refund" but because I have 1 year of lovely work to look at!
Wishing you a wonderful and inspiring day, Camilla.
Thanks again, Barbara (2).

jacque v. said...

I wish you'll have a wonderful opening camilla! I wish also I could be there to see it all...
big hug and kiss

niespa said...

good luck! ;-)

Lotte said...

I just love your art...Cam :)))))))))))))

E R I N said...

gorgeous! i LOVE the use of black :)