Monday, 11 October 2010

What can I say


Soon I'll need a lot of knitted things to wear, like this from Sartoria Vico.


ella es tanya said...

great colors!!! it's like a dream

Kristiina said...

du ser ljuset- aaah

shaton said...

You just can say : What a wonderful day !

anna said...


jChase said...

do you know mary oliver's poetry? the first poem in her newest book "swan" is called:

"what can i say?"

what can i say that i have not said before?
so i'll say it again
The leaf has a song in it.
Stone is the face of patience.
Inside the river there is an unfinishable story
and you are somewhere in it
And it will never end until all ends.

Take your busy heart to the art museum and the
chamber of commerce
but take it also to the forest.
The song you heard singing in the leaf when you
were a child
is singing still.
I am years lived, so far, seventy four,
and the leaf is singing still.

annamaria said...

Lovely photos- they *say it all*!Thank you for the gorgeous knitwear link, yum-yum!

Barbara said...

incredible colors!

Camilla Engman said...

jChase, thanks for the lovely poem.

annamaria, of course, just bring it to the Hamelin place on the show opening.