Sunday, 25 July 2010


My husband will go back to spain, to the mountains (the Pyrenees). Since Morran think it is to much thunderstorms Morran and I will stay at home this time (it is very good to have a dog to blame...).

Next week I'll post some pictures from our vacation.

Stephen Sollins and Alejandra Laviada, two links found through Dear Ada (who sadly says she has made her last blogpost...).


nina said...

oh i love this image!

Martushka said...

I love your mountains and a vulcano!

iHanna said...

Very cute image, glad I don't have to climb those mountains either!

Ha en skön fortsatt sommar!

The Art Cupboard said...

i love this more then i can say! i have a seashell barnacle crustacean obsession
i'm drawing them now actually

ibb said...

I love those montains. Pyrenees. I scape there if I can. Let him know to enjoy a lot and if he don´t know which area to choose...say that Benasque valley is so beautiful and it is where higher mountains are, but has beautiful and easier walks.
Enjoy your lonely moments with Morran

Camilla Engman said...

I think he will walk for 7 days and he will start from Espot. Which part of the Pyrenees is the Benasque in? We have never been in the more western parts.