Thursday, 20 May 2010


Just a few days ago I was wearing mittens and now I am melting in the heat. Nature is exploding and it is a fantastic smell even inside in my apartment!

I think I will start post flickr favorites again. Mogu's dish, Miko-Pull and Lev Tokmakov.


pRiyA said...

Beautiful! I love how the petals of the flower echo the wings of the insect.

emma said...

ja, en insekt är det ju! :) självplock!

samma här. men nu vet man inte om man har feberfrossa eller solfrossa på kvällen?! gah.

caravana objetos said...




gracia said...

Spring time is especially nice to study the nature about you, and it is odd when you move from chilled to sweltering in such a short time span.

Sammi said...

the weather is so changeable i forgot what spring is like

blue china studio said...

What a fantastic collection of images. I had to look twice at the flower bud as it does look a lot like an insect! Beaty.

willemien said...

Dear Camilla,
Super, I knew you would do something great with them.

Bye enjoy spring!

PS: Loved your book!! Got it for my birthday.

Lisa said...

WoW! This photos are amazing!