Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Collections that happens while cleaning

What about a new bag called Alma, found through Suprbo.
Take a look at the results from A Journey Round My Skull's Raymond Roussel illustration contest.


caniche vagabundo said...

I loved your visit!
I hope you're right about my hair!
And I'm a Morran's fan!

(Great photos... with a nice portuguese "caderno", I mean "notebook":o)

Gali said...

Strangely enough I have that same bottle of Healthy Boy soy sauce in the fridge :)

Camilla Engman said...

I got the Caderno from Ana Ventura, she's so sweet to me.

Gali, the first time I bought it I bought it because I liked the bottle :)

suprlipopette said...

Interesting collections ;-)

Ubon said...

I have big smile
seeing your Healthy Boy Soy sauce.
I love this one and always have one in my kitchen.