Sunday, 21 February 2010

The topic of the weekend has been snow

It's been snowing a lot, almost a little too much for short dog legs. But it looks nice, smooth and soft.


Alexandra Hedberg said...

jag kollar efter dina screenramar själv imorgon när jag är på KKV - och drar i Ingmar m.m.

hör av mig snart!

erica said...

vilken fin bild!
Hoppas du får en toppenvecka!
Kram Erica

gracia said...

Ha! Yes, longer legs do help.

See Hear Say said...

awww morran wearing sweater!! too cute!

sheila said...

Love her in her coat. We have a snowy Monday again in the Eastern UK. Wet and slushy type - not beautiful and sparkly like yours. They say this will probably be the coldest winter we have had for 30 years. Hazeldog has certainly been wearing her fleecy coat A LOT
Keep warm

RID said...

Love this image!!!! I found your stickers (beautiful!!!) at the Caixaforum shop. Saludos desde Barcelona.