Thursday, 17 December 2009


Visiting Helena Roos in her studio. She has her two dogs Buster (under the table) and Elvis with her. Buster doesn't like Morran, Morran has showed him here white teeths one time to many.
Morran does anything for a piece of meatball :)

It's got cold here and we have like 2 millimeters of snow (=almost nothing). We are a little late but this weekend we will buy our Christmas tree and make it a little more Christmassy at home. I haven't bought a single gift yet... but books is always a safe/good choice. What to get to my husband is the hardest nut to crack. What did you buy (I will not tell :)

Another something, found through Ah-yi.
A wooden toy would make anyone happy.


Caterine said...

it is just the same with the boyfriend. i haven't bought anything yet but i am thinking about : 'abc 3d' a book with pop-up letters, i found a 's' in metal on the street (his name begin with s letter), a little box with a kind of charcoal that doesn't burnt the sailors use to warm their hand, a cookware to make terrines well that's enough maybe?

Olivia Jeffries said...

I bought him a device you plug into your computer to make mp3s from vinyl and cassettes and framed a piece of artwork he bought years ago that has been hiding in a drawer - doesn't sound too exciting but I know he will love these things!

Claire said...

I've been telling my partner that his present is the 'best present ever', so he's pretty curious... it's a magic 8 ball - Simpsons theme. If you knew him, you'd know that it's a pretty good match for him :-)

Stephanie said...

My husband always knows or guesses, so my challenge is to surprise him. This year I don't think he will guess he is getting a cook book called How to Eat Like a Cave Man. He mentioned wanting it some time ago, but hopefully he forgot about it, or thinks I forgot !

ibb said...

This year I have not this problem, but other years I try with something year I managed to get a signed maillot of his favourite cyclist. 3-4 emails a pair of calls and in christmas people is always in good mod to this things. Now we are not together, so my only problem is my brother...

Camilla Engman said...

Ibb, my husband would have loved to get a signed maillot from any tour de france cyclist I think.

Stephanie, I hope that is cave man like food, not how he will eat it ;)

Claire, you are building up high expectations there :) I hope he will love it.

Olivia, that Mp3 thing is actually a good idea even for my husband...

Catherine, I would love to get all of those gifts myself!

Anonymous said...

a small keyboard to plug into his computer (he's a musician), an italian cookbook and a walker brothers vinyl record. good luck! :)


mette / ungt blod said...

ha ha i love the picture of Morran performing! My husband is the hardest too! he is very very specific in his taste and very bad at coming up with wishes!! always gives me the hardest time at christmas and birthdays! i won't write what he is getting since he might read it here!

alice said...

I bought my boyfriend a trip away, I am not saying where yet :) Last year it was Paris. It's good as he is hard to buy objects for. Also we can both enjoy the holiday ;)

Lovely World said...

We celebrate Hanukah. I gave my husband a book (Michael Chabon's "Manhood for Amateurs", which has gotten good reviews) and some beautiful ceramic mugs made by a local potter. Good luck with the shopping!

turtle and dragon said...

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog and seeing your beautiful work, you are such a talent. I recently purchased your book from Uppercase and it is simply divine, I just love it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Melanie

Karen Cheung said...

It is often the people we love the best who are the hardest to find gifts for, I think. For my husband, I want to make it special and struggle every time. Last year, I made him a raccoon toy that looked like a thief and pretended that it had stolen all of his presents - I made a treasure hunt trail with clues around the house for him to follow in order to find the presents at the end (hidden with the raccoon in the washing machine!). I had to tiptoe around the house in the middle of the night setting up the treasure hunt without him knowing. There were lots of chocolate gold coins around the house! It was great fun and made our first Christmas morning together even more special.

This year, I'm not so inspired! Cookbooks and gourmet foods :-)

dianna said...

My husband is too easy to get gifts for --I could have all my fun shopping for just him. This year it's a Tivoli table top radio (the best), a cozy sweater, Andre Agassiz' new autobiography, a (handmade) photo book of our week in Maine, and a calendar I made of my favorite photos of this year. He's already seen the last one. Probably a few art supplies to put in his stocking, along with chocolates that I will end up eating before they even get into the stocking :) Oh, and Norah Jones' new CD.

Camilla Engman said...

Thank you for your comments!

- H, I wonder what that small keyboard is, I think he would like it...

Karen, a cook book is always a good gift (goes both ways :)
Unfortunately my husband doesn't like to cook. But who knows maybe if he got his own cook book?

Dianna, A tivoli radio was in the package a couple of years ago... chocolate is more my thing. I think I'm much easier to buy gifts to!

Lisen said...

svar på frågan om kanten på bloggen (om jag fattar rätt?) du klistrar in den feta koden under den kursiva koden. detta gör du under layout-> redigera HTML

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julklapps-svar: köper inga! inga kanter, inga klappar. :)

Lisa Mae said...

My husband is tough to surprise but this year I am excited because he won't expect the remote cooking thermometer and Japanese cook book, Washoku, I got him. He's recently taken up cooking more...nesting, I guess, now that we have twin baby boys.

Spin Spin said...

Soo glad I'm not alone with not knowing what to buy boyfriend/husband! I wish I could give him a Morran (by the way, they must be good meatballs!) I'm hoping inspiration strikes tomorrow...maybe some Riedel glasses? Else it's just a kiss!

Oh, and I just got in the mail - LOVE it!