Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A man made of chocolate

Johan must be one of the best gift givers ever :) He made this Sailor all out of chocolate and gave me a chocolate man on my show opening! The next one will be made out of wine...

I have a lot to do ("I don't have the time to do that now, I'll do that after the show opening...") but it is hard to start over. I could do with some music suggestions from you, have you heard anything good lately?


Fine Little Day said...

Jaha så min spegel var inget att ha nä nä ;)
Shitfyndigt av Johan, gott och snyggt!

Kaija said...

Oh how sweet! Absolutely lovely.

I've had a hard time starting over, in more than one way, but the right music has helped so much. I've been listening to Elliott Smith and Handsome Furs (they're fabulous live, if you ever have the chance to see them, just go! the stage presence is enchanting), depending on the mood.

Paulette said...

My go to channel on Pandora.com has been Kings of Leon. Sometimes a girl just needs some modern rock to get her creative mojo going.

Kaija--I'm going to check out Handsome Furs on Pandora today!

la casita said...

Yep, try Tunng (from London) and MUM (Iceland)...

manja said...

Oh yes, this song and video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Bb8P7dfjVw
The musician is Jose Gonzalez

Rynke said...

Hej Camilla, I can't say it enough: try the Dutch Luisterpaal: http://3voor12.vpro.nl/luisterpaal/

It has new music on it every 2 days or so, it's great to find some nice new music!

emma said...

shit va fint, äter man den?? har man hjärta att... äta den? ställ den svalt va! urfin! :D :D

Michelle said...

CéU from Brazil. I heard her song "Lenda" and was hooked:


That's the album version. She also has some great live versions on youtube.com

Other favorites these days are Cat Power, Feist, Alison Kraus and Band of Horses.

Dina Delilah said...

hi camilla!

i ran into to you (literally) in covent garden a couple of months ago but was too surprised to say 'hi, i love your blog'. so: hi, i love your blog!

laura marling and barbara morgenstern work for me at the moment. but also allowing myself a mental break i.e. watch some mindless tv, go for a swim/walk not thinking at all. and eating chocolate -but it would be a shame to eat this one!
good luck! best,

Crystal Bretschger said...

Hi Camilla,
I have a few musical suggestions to jump-start your creative mojo: Miriam Makeba, K-naan, Tinariwen, Devendra Banhart, & K-os. Good luck!

Vanina said...

Hi Camilla! Congratulations for your exhibition!! you looked so pretty! And Morran too.

One music suggestion from Argentina:
Coyazz, by Cheba Massolo


It´s really refreshing.

asphaltandair said...

I'd be happy to give you some music suggestions
Grizzley Bear: Veckatimest
(perfect autumn music)
Laura Gibson: Beasts of Seasons
(beautiful voice and stories)
Regina Spektor
(lovely voice and piano and often silly)
The Decemberists: Hazards of Love
(perfect for waking you up when it's rainy and grey)
(a bit melancholy but worth it)
Hanne Hukkelberg
(a collage of sounds)

I hope that you like one of these.

teresa murfin said...

Hello! I'm listening to Au Revoir Simone at the moment and also Sufjan Stevens is always great to work to as well.

Congrats on you're exhibition!

Olivia Jeffries said...

There's nothing like some new tunes to get you back in the swing of things! Currently listening to lots of Portico Quartet, le loup and wye oak.

I have a really good mix you might enjoy here:

hope you find something that works for you!

Terri said...

I've see all of these bands live recently and I am hooked!

Have a listen to:
The Decemberists - The hazards of love, The crane wife
The National - Sad songs for dirty lovers, Boxer
Shearwater - Rooks, Palo Santo
anything by Neko Case (but especially love Fox Confessor)
Andrew Bird
Tunng (also with Tinariwen)

Christina Conway said...

ear candy on it's way... in a couple hours you'll be receiving an earful of music. :)

Happy creating!

marie-louise said...

En gammal goding kanske kan pigga upp?
M.A. Numminen - Som en gummiboll kommer jag tillbaks...lyssna och njut!

mansuetude said...

a man made out of wine or chocolate... lucky you!

Congratulations on your lovely show... love that Morran was among the crowd.

Sonic Reducer said...

Hi Camilla!!
Congratulations for exposure.

Musical suggestions?
Old and good jazz:

Fats Waller
The Mills Brothers (recordings of the 30's)
Bix Beiderbecke


Duermevela said...

I want to be her friend! I love chocolate. That's a supergrate and original present.

Music I herd lately:
The Last Shadow Puppets (The Age of the Understatement)
Claire Denamur
Cat Power (The Covers Records)

marie said...

oh wow! this is good!
give yourself some time to de-stress after the busy time youve been having.. things will get done!

Michelle Again said...

I'm popping in again to shout the praises of the band Fleet Foxes! I don't know how I forgot to mention them before. Do you hear them in Sweden? Their self-titled album is genius.



sandra said...

johan är din man av choklad, jag är din kvinna av bubbel. ingvar mannen av vin och morran kvinnan av ost! hmm... nästan lite incestuöst, hmm!

Caterine said...

I like to listen to :
Larkin Grimm
A silver Mnt Zion
Mathieu Boggaerts
Dominique A
Bob Brozman
and many others!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you will like one of these

Psapp: http://psapp.greedbag.com/dept/~videos-0/
Watch their videos, too -

Bach: Solo cello concertos

Thank you for blogging about your work; I look every day to see what's new.

from Ev

Trula said...

I would suggest The XX. I listen to it a lot while working away.

this chicken said...

My music suggestion is The Tom Fun Orchestra. I recently discovered them after viewing the Bottom Of The River music video. I am now addicted to their beautiful melodies and deeply meaningful lyrics.


elisa said...

this is my dream! :)

joana said...

hei camilla!

i've been deeply in love with the new album of passion pit but i don't know if it's your kind of thing or not.

the same goes for chairlift.

i also recently got all brian eno's discography and harold budd too. they are both very very very good.

hope it helps.

i'm a huge fan of your work and i've been reading your blogs/flickr/etc for a very long time. you inspire me :D

Anonymous said...




all very good icelandic music. :)


ibb said...

Really sweet...I want a chocolate man too.
Spanish group singing in english : MARLANGO.
Good melodies and lyrics in spanish: JORGE DREXLER.
And the last of CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG (the daughter of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg.

Abigail A. Percy said...

I'm enjoying Florence and the Machine and the new album from Camera Obscura {French Navy, i think}...

Congrats on the exhibition - it all looked fantastic.

Enjoy eating your sailor ;)


josephine Nicander said...

Try Nick Drake....(Pink Moon)

schorlemädchen said...

Hey Camilla...
I love to listen to

Do they make think
Grizzly Bear
Noah and the Whale
Beach House

right now...maybe it is inspiring and relaxing for you too

Anonymous said...

If you would like something mellow and beautiful try the latest album from Kings of Convenience - very soothing - available on we7 for free - try before you buy! Linda x

Anonymous said...

handsome furs and radical face, oh and the submarines???

kater said...

miam miam !!

Jenny Mendes said...

Try listening to:

Shot Gun Party!

from Austin Texas I think. a new favorite of mine.