Monday, 7 September 2009

Flesh and blood and an empty inside

Top picture - a wonderful gift from Italian Camilla, thank you!
Ana and Daniel has got a new baby, congratulations!


par3rg0n said...

it looks like they arrived safe :-)
like the title of this post
ciao camilla + morran, a kiss from italia /c

Cecilia Levy said...

Tack Camilla :)

NUISHU said...

lovely blog! :)

ana ventura said...

:-))) Thanks Camilla. Olívia say's hello to you 3!

Alexandra Hedberg said...

är flesh and blood födelsen?

Camilla said...

Can we form a club of Camilla's? I really think we should!

Camilla Engman said...

A camilla club! For every Camilla or one Camilla from each town or country?

gini said...

Bonjour! weLLdone for the Great LabeL Luckyboysunday! it's gorgeaous! bravo to both CaMiLLa

Simone said...

Haha...a Camilla-club! I just wrote about all these fabulous Camilla's!

Have a lovely day

bugheart said...

me want
to change
my name to