Sunday, 23 August 2009

It's crayfish season

Crayfish from a lake and from the sea. I like the one from the sea most.

Call for submissions - Redesign your favourite LP, CD or MP3 into a classic 12-inch album cover!


Elizabeth said...

beautiful photograph and tasty looking dish :)I wish I had been in Sweden when this was in season! I do love your country!!

Melanie said...

oh i love these photos. yummmm!

o l y said...

oh oh everything looks so perfect !

i have a special recipe ( from my mom ) of dipping sauce for seafood like shirmps and crabs.

some minced ginger
soy sauce
white vinegar

mixed together, and then it taste like heaven !

it's best that you try different proportion to get your favorite taste.


mansuetude said...

so elegant. In the deep south of Louisianna they have crawfish, maybe they are a bit smaller; the people will buy buckets of them and boil in a big pot and then they pour them cooked on an outside table in a pile (usually with corn too) and they drink beer or Stronger stuff and eat a big messy pile...

enjoy! Cheers.