Friday, 29 May 2009


Today I've had a coffee with Alexandra, she made sketches at the same time. Maybe she'll show them on her blog. Many things is happening tomorrow, too many at the same time. It is a party at Andra LĂ„nggatan. Konstepidemin has their big day. HDK graduation exhibition starts - wich Sandra and Johan is part of BUT most important of all - S and J will have a party to celebrate that they have got married :) Morran and I will certainly celebrate with them.


Jean Bradbury said...

I have just found you. Your blog makes the world seem like a happy place. Thank you.

I like Morran's crossed paws.

I am a painter and I like your work (on your website) very much.

Janice La Verne said...

Me too. I think your work and your dog and your blog are great!

I'm an artist from Eugene, Oregon (west coast US) and have a big greyhound and a little fuzzy dog.

I love looking at photos from your town. My grandmother was the youngest of 13 children. She was born in the US. All others emigrated from Sweden around the turn of the century. I can still hear her accent.

Janice La Verne

Nathalie said...

Thank you for all the inspiration!

nechepurenka said...

I always dream about education in HDK!
Sometimes I see it in one's sleep:)
You are very lucky:)

gracia said...

Happy things on your list for today and tomorrow... enjoy both the loud and the quiet.

lotte said...

This is beautiful, how lovely
lotte x