Sunday, 19 April 2009


We went to see a exhibition at Gothenburg Art museum, Other art. Very inspiring. I didn't photographed the actual show but so did Elisabeth (the first photo on her blog is a portrait of Michael Jackson :).
pic. 1 Timo Peltonen, pic. 2 Väinö Ylén, pic. 3 Desert, three different but equally good.
More Other art.


gracia said...

That exhibition looks amazingly inspiring and bewitching... Other and outsider art always seems to hold me enchanted.

sandra said...

hoppas ni hade kul! tack för inbjudan ;)

Rynke said...

Looks nice!! I would love to go and see this!

Jessie Lilac said...

I like it!x

nechepurenka said...

Yes, very inspiring.
First foto!

You have great exhibition at Gothenburg.

Sonic Reducer said...

Your life and work are so inspiring!

You should write and draw a philosophy book about the good living.

Thanks for sharing your treasures.