Monday, 13 April 2009


Easter came with spring and with Janine and Glen from Uppercase gallery (they have nothing to do with the title of this post ;)


Chelsea said...

That squinty face is too much! Glad to see that Im not the only one who can't help but post about their animal!

Jessica said...

Gillar din blogg och det du skapar. Mkt inspirerande och tänkvärt.

ag said...

I love your blog! your photos are really great and your illustrations, wow they are awesome !

Mr.Jones said...

hi, i have a dream this illustrations.

Sophie said...

Great pictures they are so soft, and lucky you, your "anemone" are out, not ours yet in Québec.

nechepurenka said...

Wow! You have flowers already)
So beautiful. What's this?

Camilla Engman said...

The latin name is anemone nemorosa.

nechepurenka said...

Realy beautiful flowers.
In Russia we have - jasmine in summer, and it's look almost the same)

This is fantastic site.
I see it all morning,
long louding, but it's WOW!

Pernille said...

Lovely photos! Nice to see that spring has arrived in Sweden as well. Here in Denmark those flowers is the essens of spring. Well, they are to me anyway :o)

Sabina said...

Great photos!! Love your art work so much!!


mariana said...

i love to follow this blog!
cute, artistic and funny!
lot's of love from brazil!

andrea tachezy said...

I love the first picture - for me it is a big mistification - first I though it´s a sky and the tree and.....

Coop said...

Hi amilla, I really like your work and hope that this interests you.

I am attempting to amass a large collection of portraits of Frankenstein's Monster in as many different styles and in as many different media as possible as an ongoing art project. The only stipulation is that the size is 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches (standard artist trading card size) and that each card has name, date, title and anything else you care to add on the back.

I welcome cards from both amateur and professional artists.

I will be leaving blank cards with instructions and mailing address in galleries, colleges, art shops, on buses, handing them out in the street and wherever else I can think of.

If you think you can spare the time to produce a little something, please send a portrait to:

A Patchwork Of Flesh
45 Silversea Drive
Westcliff on Sea
United Kingdom

Each card I receive will be uploaded at to produce an on-line gallery, I then hope to put on an exhibition of these cards in a gallery.

kannisova said...

Jag har vitsippor i min trädgård! Första våren på nytt ställe är alltid spännande, man vet aldrig vad som ska komma upp i rabatterna!
Jag har öppnat dörren till ateljén och snart ska jag gå in där och inte komma ut på länge : )

Ha det gott/K

flickanochtanten said...

din hund bland vitsipporna får mig att smälta helt.

Make it Easy said...

cute and pretty!

Jessie Lilac said...

Beautifully composed photos! You ispire me again.x