Monday, 5 January 2009

the collectors

Fred Muram has a great blog, this is also his work - I'm going Baldessari.
Elsa Mora did this miniature dollhouse for her daughter, she wanted her to learn about Frida Kahlo (thank you illustration friday blog)


Elizabeth said...

I'm glad you found this beautiful dollhouse of Elsa. Hope you checked out her blog because she is a wonderful, talented artist with a warm personality.

During the holidays I found your blog and the way you use color in you artwork and the light in your photography has really catched me.

Thanks. Elizabeth

Camilla Engman said...

Thank you Elizabeth!
I knew about Elsita before, I had just missed the doll house.

mizu designs said...

Thanks for the Frida doll's house link. I know a little person who will love looking at those photos!

Alexandra Hedberg said...

hon ser så strandad ut. som en val

Ulicam said...

Åh, jag gillar verkligen din skiss. Någon som ligger och snusar efter allt för många lingon. Kanske inte det är det som har hänt. Men det får mig att tänka på det.

Eller, det får mig också att tänka på den gången min mamma rullade in sig i vår picknicfilt (som ser ut som en soppåse på undersidan), och somnade på gräsmattan på ett tivoli i danmark. Och så blev hon väckt av en fyllis som petade på henne med en pinne. Trodde kanske det var en människa i en sopsäck.
Min mamma tycker inte att det är ett trevligt minne.

amber perrodin said...

i like this drawing. you always have such interesting narratives happening in your works.

Sanni said...

Hello! I foud your blog from. Liivias House
How absolutely beautifull work! I just love your images.

And is that your lovely dog? Isn´t she or he a danish/swedisf farm dog? I just love those dogs too. Our own farm dog passed away and he was only 6 months old. He got that terribele desease IMHA. Now we are waiting new dog from kennel. Alltought it doesn´t bring our lovely puppy back.

It was so nice to find your special blog. I´ll be back :)

Katrina said...

so lovely. i was browsing through your illustrations on flickr the other day. my goodness, so divine. happy new year to you.

look said...

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