Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Moving (studio)

Sorry about the absence, it's a little bit chaotic over here at the moment.
Where do all that stuff that I have come from. I must have brought it here once... It must have taken ages ;) Morran doesn't help much.
Well, a lot of my stuff is now in the new place (and a lot is still here at home). I will not bring my computer, at least not for a while. I can't keep away from it.

Another Camilla has finally made a website - Camilla Engdahl

Tableware stories, found through Bloesem.


emma said...

så spännande och roligt! haha, det är så intressant hur man inte kategorisera vissa saker när man ska flytta. ----nu blir det utrymme för annat hemma också? eller kör du dubbla uppsättningar?

bugheart said...

are you moving
just your studio?

fun thing
about moving
is you find stuff
you forgot about.

lisen said...

vet precis hure är. håller på att packa upp, dag 5. Samma känsla som när jag packade ner allt förra veckan. tar det aldrig slut?? Stina intar precis samma pose när det vankas arbete..

Marie-Louise said...

Vilken fin keramiklänk!
Och lycka till med flytten, vad kul ni kommer att få...och säkert fint!

Bibbi said...

Mycke lycka till på ny plats, nytt rum, ny vy, ny ateljékompis!


I just moved last weekend. I dreaded the move beforehand, but now that it's over I'm happy with my new home!
Moving can be stressful, but Morran at least is looking relaxed! :)

mansuetude said...

oohh, Morran must need a cold ice tea drink--she looks so exhausted! It Must be from following you around documenting on photo your every move. Can't wait to see her images. : )

Matías said...

Good luck with the new place!!!



Kristina said...

Good luck with you and Elisabeths new studio. It is really cool, that you're doing this and I hope to stop by for a visit, some day ;o)

eendar said...

It is your print what makes the photo pretty! I love it :)
good luck with the moving!

sheila said...

Oh, moving work spaces is so chaotic - we have been doing it here - still in the same building and you are shifting your stuff across the City. Dogs hate change in their routine don't they? I think Morran is keeping low and quiet till it's done. Good luck to you all in the new workspace

Mary-Laure said...

At last!

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C. Lynn said...


What is that armchair called? I love it!


C. Lynn