Monday, 18 August 2008


A fun weekend with a lot of shopping, coffee, food, wine and making plans/schedules. Karin and I have started the next step in our collaboration, it will probably include a trip in 2009 :)

Yesterday I went to a puppet.... hm... a performance, Jerk, by Gisèle Vienna, very well performed by Jonathan Capdevielle. Just one guy sitting on a chair with his puppets. Strong, violent and incredible good.

How to make your own soft house.


Matías said...

Few pictures but lovely.



Sakletarn said...

Vilken fin blogg du har. Jag är ett stort fan vill jag lova. Alltid spännande och se vad du gör :)

Caterine said...

a trip to the states?
sounds exciting.

elizabeth@shoptwig said...

I personally can't wait to see what you two come up with next. I love my pieces from the first collection. I wonder where you two will go in the States???

Juli Mahoney said...


If you and Karin decide to come to the U.S., and if you decide to visit the Boston, MA/Providence, RI area-- we would love to treat you to lunch. We, meaning me, and my friend Lisa, the art director here at the magazine. I know she would love to meet you. If only Morran could come too!

As they say, if you're ever in the area, let's do lunch!

Take care,

aka: Christian Jensen, Artist in Residence

mette/ungt blod said...

Hej -where are your shoes/sandals from? i have been looking a pair just like that!

Rebecca said...

Someone is wearing lovely sandals : )

bugheart said...

the puppet
(and looks)
a lovely weekend!

habitual said...

Ooooh - where will your trip take you in the States?

sara said...

fint älgkrona!

"Infing" said...

Vilken häftig blå show!

read me... said...

fabulous links... & i love the sandals!

starrybluesky said...

Love your weekend pictures ! :)

str said...

I am dying to know who made those sandals!?

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

that antler chandelier is amazing. i just got a similar lamp from west elm that i recently posted about. love your blog, btw...would you like to trade links?

poppy said...

if you're planning a trip to the states, i do hope it includes a stop on the west coast and up to vancouver?

: )

look said...

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