Monday, 17 December 2007

See you on friday

I hope you haven't missed my Christmas gift tags :)

I'm taking the train to Stockholm to see Karin (and her new studio/shop). Haven't seen her since we were in Istanbul in october. I'll be back on friday :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Camilla, have a nice stay with your friend in Stockholm.
I will wait for your next post, I've lately discovered your blog and I am amazed by your wonderful photos and your taste which seems to embrace all aspects of your life.
Nice to meet you! :-)

shari said...

oh your xmas gift tags are delightful. love this photo too. enjoy that train trip and your time with karin. xo

mav said...

i want to come and meet up with you two so badly....... kisses! mav

mazsu said...

Hello! i really like the way your art! i'm a hungaryan girl,and you're welcome my blog - ! (sorry my bad english)
merry xmas!!

Two Mittens said...

thanks for the fun tags...tiny little art to go with my gifts!

gracia said...

Sounds and looks wonderful... a train trip to Stockholm to catch up with dear ones.
take care, g xo

iHanna said...

tack för etiketterna - nu har jag skrivit ut dem och ska börja lacka fram till jul.. he.

God jul och ha det så bra!

Juddie & Godfrey said...

Hi Camilla,
I love your beautiful photos from Turkey! Would you mind if I linked to them from my blog? I'm feeling even more inspired now as I plan my trip to Turkey in 2008.
All the best for a very happy new year,
:-) Juddie

Anonymous said...

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