Saturday, 6 October 2007

With a little help from a friend

I had so much things that just had/has to be ready before I leave for Istanbul. I didn't think I could make it - but with a little help from a friend - it just said swoosh and smosch (thank you!) and was so much more fun.

Desing*Sponge has some new features on the new site. On wednesdays there will be "DIY", and on fridays "In the kitchen with" starting with me :)

Laura Dawson, clothes.
Alexandra Hedberg's exhibition starts today at Galleri Jeanette Ölund in Borås.


shari said...

loved your feature on design sponge. the drawings and photographs together were perfect! will have to try your recipe. xo

hrsj said...

nice beets; did you grow them? have a great trip to Istanbul!

susan said...

it was so much fun! i love beets as do my family, so this recipe will be something we try soon.
bon voyage!

simplyolive said...

is that your home (white table w/ chairs & cool hanging fixture)???
love it!!!

Camilla Engman said...

I didn't grow the beets myself. It's to difficult when you live in an apartment ;)
And Yes, that's my home, very white and a wonderful lamp from david trubridge.

Alexandra Hedberg said...

Tack för att du så gulligt nämnde min vernissage!

smosch said...

ser du ljuset runtomkring mig, som en gloria - jag är en ängel. merhaba!

look said...

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