Tuesday 14 August 2007

Stina Wirsén

I just had to buy this little book by Stina Wirsén - "Vems mormor" (who's grandmother). It's about Nalle, she has a grandmother. But she also has a cousin that share the same grandmother... but Nalle thinks that the grandmother is hers, she doesn't like to share and dislikes the cousin - at first. I posted another picture from the book on Flickr.


Caterine said...

i understand why you had to buy this book. it often happens to me too :)

Mally said...

I get that a lot - especially in the kids section at the Tate Modern bookshop!

I didn't know Mormor was 'grandmother' in Swedish - an odd coincidence as I have always called my grandmother Marmar, which is a bit odd here in the UK but we like it :)