Tuesday, 7 August 2007


I'm not sure if you can call it graffiti, but that's what I think about it. It makes people keep their eyes open, and who knows - maybe even their minds. I put them there under a walk with Morran. It didn't last long though.

Alain Corbel.


Lotte said...

What a great idea Camilla..But WHAT somebody already snatched them?????
(Hehe..I´ve done the same though...hihi)

Thanks for your Korv-comment hihi.
Take a peep at http://fruenswerk2.blogspot.com/
i´ve made a print of the korv-skull...
You want ? :)
Or one made by hand?

Lotte said...

NONONO...Suddenly I know what you want from Fruenswerk...a copy of Vogue...hihi hihihi, sorry I thought it was the pølse-skull...hihi hihihi...I wanted to remove the first comment, but didn´t know how?

Hmm...visse vasse...I´ll fix copy A.S.A.P
hugs hihi

steph said...

Now THAT is sweet graffiti! I love it!

jenny vorwaller said...

:)) so many people complain about graffiti, but i think it adds more to surroundings than giant tacky ads on billboards. i'll take the graffiti!

Abigail said...

Oh wow - you put them there? That's so cool...I only just realised it was you.

You cheeky imp ;)) Love it.

Jeana Sohn said...

those are GREAT!

Jojo said...

Ha ha vad kul, min pojkvän Tomas har också placerat ut ett huvud, kolla här: http://blog.tzw.se/foto/2007-08-15-8.jpg

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